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Hexagon Shaped Planters

Hexagon Shaped Planters

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Introducing our stunning collection of hexagon planters, individually arranged in a variety of ways, creating a visually impressive display of your favorite plants. These planters are not only functional, but also serve as beautiful pieces of art that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home, balcony or patio.  

They come in three different sizes for you to choose the perfect fit for your space and personal style. They are great and practical gifts for plant lovers who will love the freedom to display their plants wherever they want and made perfect presents for birthdays, Christmas, and more! Great to hang on the walls for display or even place them on the table.

Small : W:20cm x H:17.5cm

Medium : W:24cm x H:21cm

Large : W:27.5cm x H:24cm

Note to Online Shoppers:  You may not get the planters arrangement as seen in the photos as every planters is individually and uniquely arranged with different plants and therefore no two planters' arrangement are the same.

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