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Romina Round Bead & Bamboo Boxes With Tassel

Romina Round Bead & Bamboo Boxes With Tassel

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Love Beaded Decor?  Check out these beautiful handmade beaded boxes.  These stylish boxes are made from strung beads around a bamboo frame and comes in 3 stunning colors - black, blue and white - while featuring a beaded top tassel on the lid. 

These lovely round shaped bead boxes also features a lined calico inner, and can be used for any number of purposes, from a decor piece to a box full of all your precious things!  A stunning accessory for any home.  Versatile.  Beautiful. Handmade.  

Product Features

Style : Islander; Beach; Coastal

Color : Blue; Black

Shape : Round

Material: Bamboo; Beads; Beaded Cotton Tassel; Calico

Size : D:11cm x H:9cm 

Weight : 0.25 Kilos

Our product are handmade, so no two pieces are exactly the same. Please allow some variations.


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