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Erwin Bamboo Storage Baskets With Lids (Grey & White)

Erwin Bamboo Storage Baskets With Lids (Grey & White)

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These lovely large round baskets are made from woven bamboo, with a natural straw jute rim on the top and handles on the lids. These baskets come in two sizes - a large size and a medium size, and in a grey or white color. These versatile and useful baskets can be used for any purposes, from a decor piece, to a waste bin, to a laundry bin! Both lids come with handles to hold. Rustic enough for that natural look to your surroundings!

W:40cm x H:50cm (M)

W:50cm x H:60cm (L)

Weight stated is only an estimate!

Our product are handmade with natural material, so no two pieces are exactly the same. Please allow some variations.
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