6 ways to add personality into your room

6 ways to add personality into your room

In life, it is easy to feel lost and jaded. When we have had a hard day at work, or when things are not going too well, the best feeling is knowing that amongst all these, at the end of the day, there is your safe haven to go back to and wind down.

Home means many things to every person but there is one thing in common; home is where we can be ourselves. Home is where we can express our personalities and preferences.

If you are pleased with the overall design of your home but you want to spice things up a notch, here are 6 ways to let your personality shine through in your home:

Install a statement pendant light

Adding on a statement lighting piece is like a cake with a cherry on top! It serves as an upgrade to the room and the clean lines of the fixture complements the simplistic beauty of the space.

Add a pop of colour

We all need a little bit of colour in our lives. It sets the mood and tone of each home. And sometimes just a small splash of colour can aid to freshen up the room to feel like an entire redo.

Create a cosy nook

Create a small nook by finding a spot with good natural light. Maximise comfort by throwing in pillows and blankets, and add a rug layered on to the hard flooring. Make it a fun, relaxing space where you can wind down at the end of the day. Don’t forget a side table so you have somewhere to place your drink. And there you have it, your cosy hideaway!

Integrate texture

Incorporating different textures and materials add depth and cosiness to the space. Some throws, cushions and baskets will do the trick!

Add artworks and antiques

Select artworks that simply resonate with you. Display it on your focal wall and here you have it, an effortless upgrade!

Protip! You don’t actually have to hang up your art - feel free to just lean it against the wall. It’ll do just the job. Embrace your style and express it in your sanctuary.

Incorporate plants

Not only do indoor plants enhance the appearance of the room, it helps us to boost our moods and reduce stress levels as well. Don’t worry if you don't have green fingers, indoor plants like Monstera and Rubber plants are low maintenance plants which don't require you to baby them. 

We’d like to see how you’ve applied these styling tips in your home! Do tag us @goodmansloft in your Instagram post. Need more assistance? Feel free to email us at hello@goodmansloft.com. 


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