5 pocket-friendly ways to decorate your home for the Lunar New Year

5 pocket-friendly ways to decorate your home for the Lunar New Year

Festive season brings about much joy and excitement for families. Especially in Singapore, the days leading up to Ramadan, Lunar New Year, Diwali and Christmas are the few occasions where families pay more attention to the home decorations than usual. It’s time to channel the inner interior designer in you to get your home into the CNY mood. Don’t know where to get started? Read on.

Create more seating

In the light of loosened government restrictions, everyone could do with more chairs especially when we are hosting for celebrations. Forgo armchairs, choose stools and benches like below to save space without losing the aesthetics. On top of that, these can double up as a small side table so you can place a drink on top if needed.


Layer the sofa with new cushions in festive colours

Changing up your cushions can easily give a whole new look to the space. Select colours and materials that give off the festive vibe. Go for brighter colours to maximise the CNY feels.

Vases and candles to enhance the mood

The use of fresh flowers and candles really elevates the entire experience, creating a lovely and relaxing atmosphere. Not only does it help the space smell pleasant, it also instantly makes it feel warm and welcoming. Killing many birds with one stone!

Choose patterns and colours over plain

Incorporate patterns and colours in your home: rugs, wallpaper. Dress your living room to impress with the help of a patterned rug.

Shop items on sale

Everyone knows this classic trick; When shopping for budget-friendly items, search for sale items. 

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