5 Cushion Styling Tips

5 Cushion Styling Tips

Hey there and welcome! Love being a couch potato during rainy days? So do we but we also love how cushions can spruce up your interiors and glam up a drab space. Here are 5 basic tips for styling cushions like a pro. 

  1. Liven Up Your Kids' Room

There are so many wonderful ways to make the space more cheerful; from vibrant wallpapers, fairy lights, and posters featuring their favourite characters, to creative games and puzzles. But with our amazingly cheery yellow cushions, you can make their space come alive and create an inviting atmosphere that they'll love. Let the little ones experience a pop of brightness and delight, as they cuddle up next to these playful decorations. Let these images be your inspiration– the possibilities are endless!


  1. Soften Up with Fringes & Tassels

Add a bit of fun and flair to your home with tassels and fringes! Whether you aim to go for bright colours, bold patterns or subtle pastels - you can use tassels and fringes to give your home an extra touch of personality. And who doesn't love playing around with design elements? Even adults love them! Adding decorative tassels or fringes can make all the difference in how your space is perceived, making it seem more relaxed and inviting.


  1. Neutral Toned Pillows

Introducing neutral and subtle tone cushions to your home can create a soothing atmosphere that promotes tranquility. Neutral pillows do not have to be boring. There's always something special about how cozy, soft, and versatile they are. Neutrals just pair easily with any other colours or prints and you can easily switch up the look of any room in an instant. And if you don't ever wish to change it - no problem! Whether you like to do big makeovers or keep things simple and timeless, adding a few plush and cozy neutral pillows is always a great move. 


  1. Luxurious Looking Space

When you want to add a little something extra special, nothing takes a room like faux fur cushions. This fabric creates an inviting atmosphere with its incredibly soft texture and warmth that naturally draws people in. A subtle addition of faux fur will bring sophistication and luxury while being stylishly unique—it's the perfect leading lady for any décor! Try it out! But remember, just one or two of these pieces in a place can make all the difference.


  1. Go Boho

Bring the tropics into your living space with this vibrant, fun and tropical cushion covers. If your room is fairly neutral, why not spice things up by adding some leafy prints or boho-style cushions? Textured patterns and colours can be a fabulous way to spice up your decor – these rich green hues are especially popular right now. So what’s there to wait? Add an eye-catching feature to your interior - bring the tropics inside!


Anddd.... There we go! Putting together the perfect pillow setup is one of life's greatest joys! From fuzzy and smooth to chic and modern, there are lots of materials you can choose from when it comes to picking out the perfect pillow covers. Faux fur, leather, chunky knit wools, velvet, linen or silk - no matter what fabric you pick out for your home decor, all of them provide unique tactile experiences full of comfort. Make sure to mix up at least three different fabrics for an inviting va-va-voom look!

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